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Beyond the Warranty Maintenance Checklist

What happens after the bumper-to-bumper and powertrain warranties wear out? If you look at any facto... More

Catalytic Converters: New Diagnostic Strategies

Catalytic converter failures on today's vehicles are rarely caused by defects in catalytic converters... More

Tech Tip: White Smoke Blowing From Tailpipe?

A classic sign of a head gasket problem is when the vehicle is blowing white smoke from the tailpipe... More

Custom Exhaust Fabrication: Bends, Bungs and Mufflers

Custom exhaust work is one of the first modifications an owner may perform. It can help the car or truck... More

Diagnosing Murphy's Law Under the Hood of a Ford F-150

Most of us working in the automotive service trades are very familiar with Murphy's Law and how it affects... More

The U.S. House of Representatives just approved a $1billion "Cash for Clunkers" bill and the legislation is now under review in the Senate. How will passage of "Cash for Clunkers" impact your business?
Positive Impact - 12%
No Impact - 31%
Negative Impact - 57%
New Products
Alert Stamping Offers 6-Watt LED Cord Reel Work Light

Alert Stamping has a full selection of SMD work lights, including the 6-Watt SMD LED Cord Reel Work Light, 5030AH... More

ACDelco Tools' ETC Power Tools Solve Under-/Over-Torquing Issues

ACDelco Power Tools introduced ETC (Electronic Torque Control) tools specifically to solve under-/ov... More

Test Coil-On Plug Ignition Systems with Lisle's Spark Tester

Lisle Corporation's Coil-On-Plug Spark Tester provides an easy way to check ignition systems with coil-on... More

Florida Pneumatic Offers Torque-Controlled 1/2" Impact Wrench with Digital Display

The FP-745TCI is a torque-controlled 1/2" impact wrench to incorporate a graduated torque setting dial... More

Autel Announces the MaxiSYS Mini Automotive Diagnostic & Analysis System

The MaxiSYS Mini is an ultra-mobile solution for automotive diagnostics. It comes with a powerful A9... More

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Tech Topics
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Head Gasket Service On Subaru Outbacks

Head gasket failure has been something Subaru has struggled with to some extent since the 1980s. There... More

Answering Common Questions About Head Gaskets

One reason head gaskets fail is because of engine overheating. If the engine gets too hot, the cylinder... More

Servicing 4.6L And 5.4L Engines Found With Cylinder Head Oil Leak Or Weepage

Some vehicles equipped with the Romeo 4.6L 2V engine or 5.4L 2V Windsor and 5.4L Supercharged engine... More

Analyzing the Cylinder Pressure Waveform from a Running Engine, Part 1

In this first installment of this series, we look at alternative approaches to diagnosing an engine... More

Jeep: Tapping Sound After Engine Warm Up

Some customers may ­experience a tapping sound from the engine compartment after ­engine warm up. This... More

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