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Tech Topics
Tech Tip: Clogged Oil Line Leads To Chrysler/Dodge Turbocharger Failure

Extreme temperatures cause the oil circulating through the turbocharger oil feed line to burn. The coked... More

Catalytic Converters: New Diagnostic Strategies

Catalytic converter failures on today's vehicles are rarely caused by defects in catalytic converters... More

Volkswagen Tech Tip: Check Engine Light Is On With Fault Code P0420

If you encounter a check engine light on with a fault code P0420 stored in the fault memory, this may... More

Exhaust System Welding & Fabrication

Even as direct-fit exhaust systems are dominating the replacement exhaust market, there is still a... More

Diagnosing Murphy's Law Under the Hood of a Ford F-150

Most of us working in the automotive service trades are very familiar with Murphy's Law and how it affects... More

The U.S. House of Representatives just approved a $1billion "Cash for Clunkers" bill and the legislation is now under review in the Senate. How will passage of "Cash for Clunkers" impact your business?
Positive Impact - 12%
No Impact - 31%
Negative Impact - 57%
New Products
New VDO PRT Tach And 356 Replica Gauges Debuting At 2014 Hot Rod and Restoration Show

Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket, manufacturer and supplier of VDO OE-engineered instrumentation... More

Spectra Premium Introduces Automotive Intercoolers

Spectra Premium Industries has announced its intercooler offering for automotive and light-duty trucks... More

Goodson Tools & Supplies Offers Green Fluorescent Magnetic Powder

Goodson Tools & Supplies for Engine Builders has expanded its options for dry magnetic inspection with... More

Penray's Total Diesel Fuel System Cleaner Fights Asphaltenes, Cleanses Contaminants And Deposits

Fuel system contamination is a year-round problem for diesel-powered vehicles. Of special concern in... More

Arnott Releases New Air Suspension Compressor For E70 BMW X5 And E71 BMW X6 SUVs

Arnott Inc., a leader in aftermarket automotive air suspension products, announced the release of a new... More

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Tech Topics
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Performance Gaskets And Surface Finishes

The most critical engine gaskets are the head gaskets since they have to withstand the heat and pressure... More

Head Gasket Service On Subaru Outbacks

Head gasket failure has been something Subaru has struggled with to some extent since the 1980s. There... More

Pulling Codes: Signal No Longer Detected, The Story of Code P0340

A Ford Windstar with a rough cold start appears to have multiple cylinders that are misfiring. Carlton... More

Timing Belt Replacement On 2.2- And 2.3-Liter Honda Accord Engines

These tips outline the belt replacement for the popular 2.2- and 2.3-liter Accord engines. The other... More

Audi Tech Tip: Rattle Noise From Engine Area

Customers complain of a rattle noise from the air conditioning compressor. The noise is particularly... More

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