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Tech Topics
Tech Tip: Check Engine Light Is On With Fault Code P0420

Technicians servicing Volkswagen vehicles may encounter a check engine light (MIL) that is on with fault... More

Understanding Codes And Catalytic Converters

Here is a dilemma that many shops encounter on a regular basis. A good customer comes in with the engine... More

Beyond The Warranty Maintenance Checklist

What happens after the bumper-to-bumper and powertrain warranties wear out? If you look at any facto... More

Volkswagen Tech Tip: Check Engine Light Is On With Fault Code P0420

If you encounter a check engine light on with a fault code P0420 stored in the fault memory, this may... More

Custom Exhaust Fabrication: Bends, Bungs and Mufflers

Custom exhaust work is one of the first modifications an owner may perform. It can help the car or truck... More

Are you concerned with the quality and safety of brake rotors your shop purchases and installs?
Yes, I am concerned - 77%
No, I am not concerned, I trust my supplier and/or manufacturer. - 23%
New Products
Arnott Introduces New Air Spring For E61 Chassis 2004-'10 BMW 5 Series Wagon With Self-Leveling Rear Suspension

Arnott Air Suspension Products has announced the introduction of a new left rear or right rear air spring... More

Arnott Introduces Reman Front Air Strut Assemblies For 2006-'11 Audi A6, A6 Quattro C6/S6 Chassis

Arnott Air Suspension Products has announced the introduction of both a remanufactured front right and... More

Enerpulse Introduces Pulstar PlasmaCore Plugs

Enerpulse Technologies has added PlasmaCore to its line of Pulstar Pulse Plugs, providing the aftermarket... More

Continental Expands TPMS Coverage With New VDO REDI-Sensor Multi-Application Sensor

Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket has just released a new variant for its innovative mul... More

Arnott Introduces Remanufactured Rear Air Spring For Mercedes-Benz 2003-2009 E-Class Wagon With Rear Leveling

Arnott Inc. announced it has released a remanufactured Rear Air Spring for the Mercedes-Benz 2003-2009... More

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Tech Topics
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Think Like Sherlock Holmes To Avoid The Wrong Diagnostic Conclusions

This minor Diagnostic Dilemma began when a mechanic friend called about a no-start problem on a 1993... More

Restoration for the Mechanic

You just can't get away from the electrical if you're in the automotive repair business these days, as... More

Can 'Add-ons' Affect The CAN System?

Shortly after a male teen gets his first car, the first thing he wants to do is modify it with new wheels... More

GMC Sierra: No-Crank/No-Start Condition

Customer Concern: The battery was jump-started with the key on, which resulted in a no-crank, no-start... More

Cold Weather Diagnostics: Modules Go Down With The Temperature

The subject vehicles were 2002-2006 Ford trucks - the first was a 2002 Ford F-150 with a 5.4 liter, second... More

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