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Tech Tip: Volvo Power Steering Reservoir Fluid Leak

September 3, 2008

Under certain conditions, the power steering may leak fluid at the reservoir suction hose connection. An improved suction hose was introduced into production in December 2004.

Affected Vehicles:
• S60 2001-on;
• S80 1999-2006;
• V70 2001-’07;
• XC70 2001-’07; and
• XC90 2003-on.

Service Procedure:
1. If there is leakage at the reservoir/suction hose connection on the above vehicles, replace only the suction hose and clamps, according to VIDA (Volvo’s interactive information and diagnostic tool for fault tracing and repairing newer Volvo models).

Use the following parts:
• Hose: as per VIDA
• 2 Clamps: P/N 988024

Note: These hose clamps are screw-type clamps. Do not use a crimp-style hose clamp for this repair.

2. After replacing the hose and clamps, top up the fluid level and check for leaks. If the leakage is still present, only then should you replace the reservoir.

When checking and topping up the fluid level in the reservoir after the repair, measure when cold and with the engine turned off. Fill the oil until the level is halfway between the “cold” and “hot” marks on the dipstick.

Courtesy of ALLDATA.

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