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Nissan Tech Tip: Ticking/Thumping Noise at Idle

March 3, 2008

If you confirm there is a ticking, clicking, thumping or knocking noise heard in the passenger compartment at idle, it could be coming from the engine compartment.

Affected Vehicles:
• 2003-‘06 Murano (Z50); and
• 2003-‘06 350Z (Z33).

Service Procedure:
1. With the engine idling, feel the fuel damper hose while the noise is occurring. The fuel damper hose is located on the Bank 1 side of the engine. See Fig. 1.
2. If the vibration of the fuel damper hose coincides with the noise heard inside the vehicle, replace the fuel damper and the attached hose on that cylinder bank (Bank 1).
3. See the respective ESM and Engine Mechanical section in the appropriate service manual for replacement of the damper with hose.
4. Confirm the noise at idle from the passenger compartment is not present.

Technical service bulletin courtesy of ALLDATA.

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