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JUSTICE BROTHERS' Trans Stop-Leak Cools, Lubricates and Seals your Transmission

December 18, 2008

Transmission fluid lubricates and cools the hard working parts inside your transmission. As seals and gaskets age and shrink, fluid can leak, reducing the required fluid level and its effectiveness. Without your transmission, you and your vehicle are going nowhere. JUSTICE BROTHERS Trans Stop-Leak could be the solution to this problem. As your transmission absorbs mile after mile of friction and internal wear, extreme heat and contaminants build up, and you start to find leaking fluid spots on the driveway. It’s time to take action!

JUSTICE BROTHERS Trans Stop-Leak is a specially formulated additive that reconditions dry and leaky seals, reduces heat and helps reduce the build up of sludge and varnish caused by super hot transmission fluid. JUSTICE BROTHERS Trans Stop-Leak helps prevent the formation of these contaminants, plus it mixes readily with all factory-approved transmission fluids. Adding a can to your transmission will assist in preventing leaks and prolong transmission life. Visit to preview their complete line of premium-quality automotive care products.

For more than 70-years, JUSTICE BROTHERS has been a supplier of quality professional vehicle care products used worldwide. Manufactured in America, each JUSTICE BROTHERS additive and lubricant is custom blended to offer performance and reliability. Contact them at JUSTICE BROTHERS, 2734 E. Huntington Drive, Duarte, CA 91010, (626) 359-9174, Fax: (626) 357-2550. Available only at professional car care centers.

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