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Phoenix Systems Introduces Air Assassin Automated Fluid Pump

March 29, 2012

The new Air Assassin from Phoenix Systems is a fully automated fluid pump developed to eliminate air bubbles in brake and all hydraulic lines. 

Designed to utilize the patented reverse brake bleeding technology found in Phoenix's line of one-man brake bleeding products, the Air Assassin can also be used for pressure bleeding, bench bleeding and cross bleeding methods. It helps improve the supply of fluid to the brake/hydraulic system, increasing efficiency in bleeding applications and decreasing the likelihood of having air in the system when finished.

"We created the Air Assassin to give users the ability to control the amount and speed of fluid going through the machine to the hydraulic system," said Jon Petty, CEO of Phoenix Systems. "The new tool attaches to and can be used in conjunction with common pressure bleeder machines already found in many automotive shops. Plus, its automated process requires no pumping." 

For more information about the Air Assassin fluid pump, visit


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